The Six Parishes of the Saxon Shore Benefice

"The United Benefice of Hunstanton St. Mary with Ringstead Parva St. Andrew,
Holme-next-the-Sea St. Mary the Virgin and Thornham All Saints,
with Brancaster St. Mary the Virgin, with Burnham Deepdale St. Mary
and Titchwell St. Mary, with Choseley",
which is the official name of this Benefice, is rather a mouthful and so the name
"The Saxon Shore Benefice"
was chosen for these churches on the north west Norfolk coast.

The new Priest-in-Charge for our Benefice

The Bishop of Lynn, the Rt. Rev'd Jonathan Meyrick, has announced that the Rev'd Susan Bowden-Pickstock , currently serving in the Ely Diocese in a rural multi-parish benefice as curate, will be taking up the post of Priest-in-Charge of the Saxon Shore Benefice. The date of her licensing is not yet known, but it is expected to be sometime in the first half of October. This depends on the Bishop of Norwich's diary, as he will be conducting the service.

She brings with her a heart for mission, great skills in communication, experience in the building of communities, in schools work and in finding new ways of reaching the church out into the community. She is a 'people person' with energy and creativity and much looks foward to living and working amongst us. We look forward very much to her moving to Brancaster Rectory and taking up her duties among us all.

The Wardens of the Saxon Shore Benefice.

A blue line!

Our Curate

Revd. James Monro

The Revd. James Monro is curate of the parishes of the Saxon Shore Benefice. He took up his post in July 2012 when he returned to Norfolk from Street in Somerset.

Contact details:
Revd. James Monro
Manor Cottage,
Church Place,
PE31 8LW

Tel: 01485 518342

"Ordination at Norwich Cathedral"
Information and photo by kind permission of the Diocese of Norwich

Revd. James Monro (front row left - with the cross showing) after his ordination with the Bishop of Norwich

WITH THE BISHOP: The Rev. James Monro (front row left - with the cross showing) after his ordination
with the Bishop of Norwich at the Petertide ordinations which took place on Saturday 30 June 2012

A Letter from the Curate, Rev'd James Monro...

July 2014

Bright the Vision I had thought that my collection of theology books was large enough, but some one at the Brancaster fete pointed out a book for sale about Julian of Norwich that I had not seen before. Now I am re-visiting her.

Mother Julian received a series of visions centred around the passion of Christ on 13th May 1373, while she lay sick and near to death. She recovered, and then spent the next twenty or so years in prayer as a recluse pondering their meaning. The result was the first book in English to be written by a woman, and containing a number of profound insights into the mind and goodness of God.

Her visions of the dying Christ are vivid and colourful in a typically medieval manner, and could be considered what we today term a “near death experience”. For me, the most striking of Julian’s descriptions is that of the face of Christ, drying in the wind and thirsting as he hangs on the cross. Others are more insights into spiritual truths, such as the great pleasure that God experiences when we put him at the centre of our lives.

Many of us experience “mountain summit” times when we experience something of God in greater than usual clarity. These may never be as vivid or profound as Julian’s sixteen “shewings”, but like Julian we need to hang on to them over the years, and particularly when life takes us down from the hill tops into much darker valleys. They help us to go back, for Julian says this of God: “He wants us quickly to attend to him, for he stands all alone, and he waits for us continually, moaning and mourning until we come. And he hastens to bring us to him, for we are his joy and his delight, and he is the remedy of our life”.

Maybe you will be encouraged to seek out a book of Julian’s writings to discover her for yourself.

Rev'd James Monro, Curate

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New Priest-in-Charge of the Saxon Shore Benefice!
Details of a special service to commemorate and remember the start of World War 1.
Services throughout the Benefice during July and August.