The Six Parishes of the Saxon Shore Benefice

"The United Benefice of Hunstanton St. Mary with Ringstead Parva St. Andrew,
Holme-next-the-Sea St. Mary the Virgin and Thornham All Saints,
with Brancaster St. Mary the Virgin, with Burnham Deepdale St. Mary
and Titchwell St. Mary, with Choseley",
which is the official name of this Benefice, is rather a mouthful and so the name
"The Saxon Shore Benefice"
was chosen for these churches on the north west Norfolk coast.

The new Priest-in-Charge for our Benefice

The Bishop of Lynn, the Rt. Rev'd Jonathan Meyrick, has announced that the Rev'd Susan Bowden-Pickstock , currently serving in the Ely Diocese in a rural multi-parish benefice as curate, will be taking up the post of Priest-in-Charge of the Saxon Shore Benefice.

The Licensing and Installation service will take place at 7 p.m.on Monday 13th October in the church of St. Mary the Virgin, Old Hunstanton. All parishioners in the Benefice are welcome to attend.

She brings with her a heart for mission, great skills in communication, experience in the building of communities, in schools work and in finding new ways of reaching the church out into the community. She is a 'people person' with energy and creativity and much looks foward to living and working amongst us. We look forward very much to her moving to Brancaster Rectory and taking up her duties among us all.

The Wardens of the Saxon Shore Benefice.

A blue line!

Our Curate

Revd. James Monro

The Revd. James Monro is curate of the parishes of the Saxon Shore Benefice. He took up his post in July 2012 when he returned to Norfolk from Street in Somerset.

Contact details:
Revd. James Monro
Manor Cottage,
Church Place,
PE31 8LW

Tel: 01485 518342

"Ordination at Norwich Cathedral"
Information and photo by kind permission of the Diocese of Norwich

Revd. James Monro (front row left - with the cross showing) after his ordination with the Bishop of Norwich

WITH THE BISHOP: The Rev. James Monro (front row left - with the cross showing) after his ordination
with the Bishop of Norwich at the Petertide ordinations which took place on Saturday 30 June 2012

A Letter from the Curate, Rev'd James Monro...

August 2014

The Saxon Shore Benefice is holding a Service of Reflection to mark the 100th anniversary of the commencement of World War I. This will be at St. Mary’s Church, Old Hunstanton on Monday 4th August at 7 pm. All are most welcome.

This will be earlier than the candle lit vigil at Westminster Abbey, to be broadcast that day beginning at 10 pm on BBC 2. That service will draw on the then Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey’s famous remark “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime”.

The lights did indeed go out as the world was plunged into its first industrial war with poison gas, flamethrowers, aerial bombing, submarines, tanks and machine guns being used on a massive scale. Some estimates put the military deaths at eight or nine million, with some 12 million civilian dead and 21 million wounded on all sides. The First World War altered perceptions of what was morally permissible in armed conflict forever, and blurred further humanity’s distinction between good and evil.

The war has now receded into history with the death of the last combatant. However, we would do well to bear in mind that the German soldiers went into battle with the words Gott mit uns (God with us) on their belt buckles, while churches and military chaplains on all sides preached divine approval for their country’s cause. The drive to deliver a just cause within the culture of their age blurred the tremendous truth that the power of God is not that of force but of love.

Ponder this; that may be God took an enormous risk in creating humans with free will and a capacity to love, rather than as automatons that could never do anything wrong, but also never be capable of loving.

We will gather in spirit with those from all over the world to share in the sorrow of God at the enormous loss of life that has resulted from that and every war, and to remember before Him all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Rev'd James Monro, Curate

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The Licensing and Installation of our new Priest-in-Charge of the Saxon Shore Benefice.
Services throughout the Benefice during August and September.